Enhance your home or give the gift of lighting, unique art, antiques and much more

Enhance your home or give the gift of lighting, unique art, antiques and much more

  • Furniture

    A much requested element of our collection, our furniture plays a pivotal role in the design of our châteaux blending classic French design with a modern day aesthetic.

  • Art

    Featured throughout our châteaux, explore our collection of framed, original 19th century architectural lithographs and our unique one-off collection of mid century herbiers.  

  • Fragrance

    The South of France is blessed with the most wonderful array of flora and fauna which combined, create the most intense and enduring fragrances.  Together with a French perfume house, we have created signature fragrances for our châteaux invoking year round memories of the Languedoc.

  • Glassware

    We sourced this range of glassware for Château Les Carrasses and have stock them to this day.  Crystal glass with an etched pattern, this range really stands out from the crowd and is a popular addition to many high end French hotels and restaurants.  

  • Antiques

    Antique and vintage chandeliers and mirrors feature heavily in our interiors, with our style tending to favour pieces from France and Italy, dating typically from around 1880 to 1950 and taking in classical, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and early mid-century periods.

    Over the years antiques have become one of the most requested items and we have sourced pieces for guests from all over the world, from New York to Geneva to Moscow.  We sell mostly by commission or to guests who come to see them in the gallery.

    The pieces on the website are just a taster of what we have available, but our stock changes constantly, and we can also carry out custom searches, so if you are looking for a particular piece drop us a line and we will see what we can do.  Subject to customs arrangements we can deliver pieces worldwide.

  • Lighting

    The Languedoc is blessed with an abundance of clear, unpolluted light.  However, the right lighting in the right places still plays a crucial role in the design of our châteaux.  We work with several manufactures and designers to ensure the balance between light delivery and the aesthetic of its source.  We are proud to present this diverse, considered collection.

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